Summer is here, And You Know What That Means: Rosé, But How to Pair It?

Hot summer days and rosé wines are meant to be enjoyed together. A nice glass of salmon-hued wine, brimming with enticing aromas of cranberries and wild strawberries over a crisp, mineral palate, is reason enough to look forward to the warm season.

For rosé, it’s hard to get it wrong; most pink wines in the market are straightforward and simply well made. There’s beauty in simplicity, as all rosés are aligned towards the same goal, bringing joy to your household with every thirst-quenching sip. 

So, what type of wine glass fits rosé best?

The Grassl Mineralité wineglass was specifically designed to enjoy bubbles, delicate wines like Riesling, sweet wines and definitely rosé. Grassl stemware is handblown into a mold, display a gorgeous handmade stem and base, and have a fire-polished, smooth edge. 

The Mineralité wine glass has the perfect 430ml volume for light-bodied wines, and with its 23 cm height, it’s elegant and beautiful, ideal for displaying the subtle color of rosé.

Then there’s the food

Pairing rosé with food is easy too, and here’s are a few tips to get you started.

Shellfish, The Sea-Scented Oceanic Bounty

Shrimp, prawns and lobster are amazing summer dishes. Fresh seafood just goes well with sunny days. It comes as no surprise that rosé and the sea-scented dishes go great together, but there’s a catch. 

If you want to pair a crisp rosé with shellfish, think of fresh preparations that don’t involve butter or creamy sauces. A shrimp cocktail, a lobster ceviche or grilled prawns gently seasoned with olive oil will do the trick, as they’re light dishes that won’t overwhelm the delicate aromas of your favorite pink wine.

Hearty Salads, Complete Meals 

Salads can be tedious, we agree, we just don’t put the effort. That shouldn’t be the case, especially during summer, as salads can become a great main dish and not only an afterthought.  

Take your salads to new heights adding olives (rosé wine loves olives) baby corn, artichokes or hearts of palm.  Even better, top your salad with grilled chicken breast, poached tuna, or salmon.

White meat and oily fish are fantastic partners for rosé. Now, there’s a salad right there — refreshing but satisfying and perfect for summer. 

Cheese, The Fresher, the Better 

Cheese and wine are a no-brainer combo, but not all cheese works with all wine. For rosé, there’s nothing as good as briny cheese like crumbly feta, gooey brie, burrata, mozzarella, paneer or crumbly panela. 

Set up a fresh cheese platter with some crackers, and perhaps some pâté, and watch everyone dig in. Fresh cheese is just-say-summer delicious and a light appetizer that won’t steal rosé’s spotlight.

Thinking about it, why not combine all three pairing suggestions for a shrimp-based salad topped with crumbly cheese? Now we’re onto something.

What are Your Favorite Pairings for Rosé?

We hope you find in the suggestions above inspiration for your summer get-togethers, but we’re sure you have already found a few winning combinations! We’d love to know all about your favorite food pairings for rosé and why you like them. 

Make good use of your Grassl Mineralité wineglasses; they’re made for summer. From Sparkling wine to fresh mineral whites and just-say-summer rosé, there’s nothing like them.

Remember, wine is all about sharing, so share the love and make the community grow!